Monday, October 29, 2012

The Journey from a Layman through Demigod to GOD

The Journey from a layman through demigod to GOD

I decided to write a blog on this because I usually write a blog when some remarkable event happens in my life. Today is definitely one of those days. Today we reached the final destination of our journey from a layman, then to a demigod, to god. It all started when I noticed one of my friends sharing a link for Klueless 8 teaser. I opened it and could solve the first three levels. Then I got stuck in the fourth level. I couldn't complete it, but I had decided to pursue the real challenge when the original was bound to start on Friday. I called up Arjun and Ashley to join this pursuit. Being oblivious to this event during the last 7 years of its existence, we couldn't dream of anything other than solving a few levels.
So on Friday night by around 9 pm we three joined (thanks to Google in introducing group chat) together. Initial plan was to complete first few levels by the time the Hall of Fame got filled.But we were surprised and happy to see that we could solve the initial levels easily and started admiring our never-before-seen abilities. After 3 hours we had cleared almost 8 levels. Then I saw Ijaz online there I made a good decision of adding him to our group. So now our group had atleast one person who had proven his credentials in GK. This was a moral boost to our group which was already struggling to find solutions as levels went by. Within first few minute after he joined he cracked that level. We were back in track. Around 1 pm we got stuck at the sheer brilliance of Klueless level 10. Finally we had to turn to the ORACLE (Shafeeq) who gave us small hints without which we couldn’t have cleared that level. Around 3 we were stuck at another level and almost at 4 we decided to call it a day. I and Arjun decided to spend another 15 min, but nothing happened. I asked Arjun to get some sleep and spent another 15 min on that level. With remorse and desperation I went to bed around 5 in the morning.
The next day I got up around 1 pm, I saw that my phone was dead and I rushed to see that Ijaz and Arjun had cleared the level where we got stuck and added to more to that. Together we cleared 3 more levels and finally reached 17th. As I was going home that day, I had to catch a train, Ijaz had to go out and Arjun too got busy. Ashley on the other hand had completely disappeared from the scene. I was feeling desperate as I started dreaming of clearing the levels though the thought of entering hall of fame had still not struck me. But there we were losing some valuable time. Finally Arjun and Ijaz joined together around 7, I tried to contribute from my side with the 3.5 inch screen mobile that I had. Soon we cleared few more level but unfortunately Ijaz had to call it a day so Arjun was left alone. I couldn't contribute any more as I was travelling but gave my complete moral support to Arjun. We were informed that ORACLE is stuck at level 24 for more than 4 hours and when we were struggling at level 20. Our dreams got bigger. Arjun single handedly solved 4 more levels to reach 24. It was around 4:30 when he slept that day.
Next day I reached my home around 9 30 in the morning and around 10, me and Arjun started looking at the big 24th level. To our surprise we solved it in less than 10 minutes. After sometime,Ijaz joined us. Ashley again was absconding. We cleared many levels quite swiftly and reached level 30 where the ORACLE was stuck for another 3 hours. We started to realize our transformation to demigods as we started looking at it. The 30+ levels were completely different from the earlier levels and were very hard to crack. We were stuck in that level for god knows how many hours. Finally with the clues from ORACLE we crossed it. By this time ORACLE was in 35. We expected to make it to the Hall of Fame. But the next few levels were very difficult to crack. By the time ORACLE was on 38 we had managed to reach only 33. When we reached 35 oracle reached his glory. I suddenly felt desperate, because we were stuck at 35 for more than 2 hours and I started losing hope to make it to the Hall Of Fame. As we were going through the blogs many people had already congratulated the Klueless team for the brilliant effort they had put in. I started losing my patience, I couldn't contribute at all I just wanted someone to tell us the answer so that I could keep my tail between the legs and enter Hall Of Shame. Oracle gave us a final hint before going to sleep with which we finally cracked that level and moved on to the next level. Already feeling lost I was about to give up. But Arjun was in control. He made both me and Ijaz stay awake and contribute in solving that level. I was asking him to go to bed as he had office next day. Ijaz was already indifferent about the result. But Arjun was not ready for any of this.I never thought we were moving in the right direction but mechanically did what Arjun asked me to do. His level of frustration was clear in his words when with our minor contribution he cracked that level. He said “Da I am going to bed as I f***in cracked this level.” His patience and perseverance finally got us through that level. Just two more to go but it was already late, so we decided to call it a day. Next day I and Arjun started solving the penultimate level. That was easy and finally we moved to the last one. Ijaz joined us now. The final level was another headache. But now I knew I could count on Arjun; we went through all the crazy stuff and in 2 hours we cleared the final level. I was overwhelming with happiness, so were Arjun and Ijaz. We thanked the ORACLE. We were living the moment. Because we finally cleared a feat which we considered unachievable two days back. But we were not sure until the Hall Of Fame list was published. We were expecting somewhere around 240+. But around 4 pm, the list was published and we were at 66, just 27 behind the ORACLE. What more do we want!!! We finally made it and made it in style. This is for you Arjun, without your perseverance, patience and spontaneity we will not be where we stand now. This is for youIjaz, who came at the nick of time to join our group. This is for us, Arjun, Ijaz, me and Ashley (in low voice) because WE ARE DEFINITELY GODS!

PS: To My Dear Cousin's : I apologize for not responding to your calls during last 3 days :)